We are Philip and Rose (or Filippo and Rosa depending on what country we are in) and we love travelling the world. We are both engineers with a passion for architecture and, as of March 12, 2011, are husband and wife! Our home is in Tempe, Arizona, where we spend our days with long walks next to the lake, spending time with friends, and, of course, planning our next trip!

There are many places on our future destination list including Australia and New Zealand; Ireland and Great Britain; Switzerland, Austria, and Germany; Argentina and Brazil; Greece; and so many more. In 2009, we spent two months travelling around Italy together, and we are leaving shortly to spend our honeymoon in Costa Rica.

We invite you to journey along with us as we share the adventures, mishaps, and stories of our global travels. To reach all of our destinations will take a lifetime, but we are excited for the challenge and look forward to the amazing people and places we will encounter. Buon Viaggio!